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Emy Sakai

Emy Sakai


Violin, Fiddle, and Hardanger Fiddle player

"Emy Sakai is one of the most talented musicians we can meet today. Not only musically, but she is also studying music scientifically." by TEDxUtokyo



She started playing the violin at five years old. She plays Norwegian, Irish, and Arabic music by the violin and Hardanger fiddle (hardingfele), and joins many bands such as Norkul Tokyo (Norwegian), 3 Tolker (Nordic), Camel (Irish), tipsipúca (Irish), Musica Arabia (Arabic), Voice of the Nile Club (Arabic). Also, she has toured as a soloist in Japan, Norway, and Belgium, etc.

She has studied Arabic music theory and rendition style performed with Nidaa Abu Mrad and Mustafa Said in Lebanon. Recently she concentrates on studying traditional Norwegian instrument, Hardanger fiddle with Knut Hamre et al. She published some books about Arab music in Japan.


2015 MA Musicology (ethnomusicology), Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan


2012 BA Musicology (ethnomusicology), Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan


2012.3 graduation thesis: “The Arabic Tradition and Western Influence in Feiruz’s Modern Songs in 1960’s” (Japanese)


2015.3 master’s thesis: “Sami al-Shawwa and His Contribution to Classical Violin Ideals in the Eastern Arab Region” (Japanese)


Patrick E. Savage, Steven Brown, Emi Sakai, and Thomas E. Currie (2015)  "Statistical universals reveal the structures and functions of human music" PNAS 112(29), 8987-8992. (English)

Emi Sakai wrote a paper titled “Establishment of classical instrumental music in the Eastern Arab Region: Sami al-Shawwa and His Contribution” as one of the authors of the book: “Musical Culture in the Middle East”, September 23th, 2016.

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